Free Theatre Weeks for secondary aged pupils

As part of Summer in the City Creative Learning are offering two weeks of theatre based activity.

The first week beginning 11 July will enable young people to create a piece of theatre that will be filmed to inform the planning and development of the city centre. Young people with an interest in shaping their city using the performing arts are encouraged to take part. Participants are required to attend each day Monday – Thursday. The free sessions will take place at Citymoves Dance base above Triple Kirks on Schoolhill.

The second week beginning 8 August (sessions 9 – 12 August) will take place at Rosemount Community Centre. The theatre week will allow young people to brig their thoughts and ideas of things that are important to them. As the week develops you will shape and share your ideas in a safe space, together agreeing on direction and sharing of the work you will create.

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