School Library

“The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library”  

– Albert Einstein 

The library is a very important part of the school and the librarian works closely with teaching staff  and pupils  – to ensure that the stock is kept relevant, up-to-date and supports both the requirements of the curriculum and the recreational interests of the pupils. 

Opening Hours 

8am – 4pm  


Ms Karen Shaw – Library Resource Centre Co-ordinator  


Fiction titles – suitable for a wide range of ability levels and interests. We have Quick Reads, Teen fiction, Classics, Graphic Novels, Manga and Audio books. 

Non-fiction – resources which are used in investigations and research by pupils and staff from a wide range of departments as well as supporting pupils’ recreational interests. 

Revision Collection –  revision and study guides for Nat4 and above,  covering the whole curriculum.  

Shelf Help Collection – providing information, support and advice on a wide-range of mental health issues for young people. The books, both fiction and non-fiction, cover issues such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders and self-harm, and difficult life pressures, like bullying and exams. 

On-line Resources – Accelerated Reader software for literacy and recreational reading, accessible 24/7 for pupils.

10 PCs for pupil use.