Northfield Vision & Values


Northfield Academy is build on community, respect and empathy. Together, we maximise opportunities for young people to attain and achieve. We aspire to be outstanding!


At Northfield Academy we are:

We demonstrate this by…

• Not giving up

• Learning from mistakes

• Drafting and redrafting pieces of work

We demonstrate this by…

• Being brave enough to ask questions

• Coming up with imaginative solutions to classroom issues

• Being appreciative and embracing the past while still seeking new and improved ways of doing things.

We demonstrate this by…

• Recognising the smallest effort

• Understanding and appreciating others’ viewpoints

• Making positive comments and having a good upbeat attitude.

We demonstrate this by…

• Making decisions for ourselves

• Managing our time

• Holding ourselves accountable for our actions

We demonstrate this by…

• Setting targets and meeting deadlines

• Sticking to our commitments

• Believing in ourselves

• Fulfilling our potential.