Pastoral Care and Pupil Support

Pastoral Care – Guidance Team

PT Guidance – Mrs I Johnson (Bruce House)
PT Guidance – Mrs E Constable (Macbeth House)
PT Guidance – Mrs J Bain (Stewart House)
PT Guidance – Mrs S Allan (Wallace House)

Pupil Support – Targeted Support

Mr R Nicol                            Principal Teacher


Ms H Falconer

Ms A Lock

Mx R Collins

Ms S Chaudry

Ms E Macleod

Mr A Maclean

Ms Y Wilson

Ms A Ruffet-Zaragoza

Pupil Support Assistant

Ms G Kerr

Ms H Talha

Ms E Davidson

Ms D Sneddon

Ms M Weir

Ms W Reid

Mr C Wood

Mr J Gray

Northfield Academy is well resourced to meet the needs of all our learners including all pupils who require targeted support. Our Targeted Support team consists of 6 teachers and 7 Pupil Support Assistants. Targeted Support provides additional focused support to pupils who may require such for short or longer periods of time to help them overcome barriers to their learning. The need for additional support can arise from, for example, specific learning difficulties, social, emotional or behavioural needs, bereavement or family issues. Support may also be required to ensure progress in learning for highly able children and young people. This approach also encompasses children and young people who require more choices and more chances to achieve positive, sustained post-school positive destinations. Our Targeted Support staff all have additional training and expertise to provide support as and when it is required. The team, in addition to working in parallel with our PT Guidance to get it right for every child, also work professionally with all teaching staff, youth workers, health professionals, social workers, Police Scotland and our partners in the voluntary sector in Aberdeen to access Specialist Support, where necessary, for supporting an individual pupil.