Aberdeen City Council Young Carers Fund

The Carers (Scotland) Act 2016 came into effect April 2018 and requires local authorities to have a local information and advice service for Young Carers whereby the Aberdeen City Carer’s Strategy was developed to help implement the legislation.

There is significant underspend of the ACC Young Carers Fund this year that Young Carers in Aberdeen City are entitled to. The funding is to enable Young Carers to have a “life alongside caring”; take into account those areas of a young carers life that may be impacted by their caring role and identify any supports that can be put in place so that they can continue caring should they wish to do so.

The funding can be applied for a wide range of reasons and some young carers have requested bikes/ scooters, laptops, weighted blankets, art and crafts, clothes, art pads, books, furniture, sensory items, and bus passes. There is a £500 limit per year and the monies can be paid straight into the Young Carers/ Cared For/ Guardians bank account or paid into the schools  cost code centre. For more information: https://www.aberdeengettingitright.org.uk/yc/

If you have any questions, please get in touch at AberdenYoungCarers@barnardos.org.uk

Or Lisa McCulloch, Team Leader at Lisa.McCulloch@Barnardos.org.uk

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