Summer of Play 2022

Funding for a summer programme for children and young people.

Aberdeen City Council has been awarded money from the Scottish Government to provide children and young people (aged 5-14 years old) with a range of opportunities, activities and childcare during the summer school holidays. It can also be used to provide food for those taking part.

Who will benefit?

The summer programme is likely to feature a mixture of community-based clubs and activities, childcare and free access to take part in some ‘paid for’ programmes offered by partners such as Sport Aberdeen.

85% of the funding is mostly aimed at children and young people (aged 5-14) from ‘low-income households’ who fit into one of the following categories:

• Children from lone parent families

• Children from ethnic minority families

• Children from families which have 1 or more person with disabilities (adult or child)

• Children from families with a young mother (under 25)

• Children from families with a child under 1 year old

• Children from larger families (3+ children)

The remaining 15% will be used to provide opportunities for children and young people outside of these groups. How can you help?

The summer 2022 offer will look quite different this year and we need your help to get it right. Your views will help us to plan and put together a programme that meets the needs and interests of your family.